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Membership 2020-2021
Due to Covid-19, the 2020 season will not operate as normal.
For 2020 we envisage running a number of non-HOAC trips plus hopefully winter pool sessions.
You have two options for membership in 2020; either;
  • A reduced Full Membership fee which covers BCU affiliation, club water licences, club insurance and the pool sessions at the reduced (member rate of £5) - assuming they go ahead.
  • Guest membership at £5 per trip and then the pool session at full guest rate (in 2019 £15)
Full members may also use HJCC equipment thay have borrowed to paddle at HOAC (as an individual person) subject to meeting HOAC requirements for personal paddling.
Membership Information
The membership of Hillingdon Junior Canoe Club is made up as follows;
  For the year 2020 to April 2021
Hillingdon Junior Canoe Club fee of £35
with additional family members at £20
There are four types of membership of the club, and two classes of coaches as follows;
1.Junior Club Members
Young people between the ages of 10-25 years who want to participate in paddlesport, but primarily aimed at a core age between 12 and 18 years.
2.Paddling parents
Those parents with children that are members, and wish themselves to participate / progress in paddlesport.
3.Temporary Members
Young people or Parents that participate in club events as a trial or join with HJCC for a particular trip or event.
4.HJCC Coaching Staff
BC coaches that are qualified BC “Level 2 Coach” or above (or equivelent) and coach for the club.
5.BC Level 1 Coaches
Qualified BC Level 1 Coaches (or equivelent) who wish to progress in coaching paddlesport.
Note 1: If you require separate personal activity insurance, you are advised that it should be taken out prior to commencing Club activities.
Note 2: Your HJCC club fee also includes an affiliation charge to the British Canoe Union
Your membership brings use of all the HJCC equipment, canoes and kayaks during HJCC events.
The only additional costs are to cover accommodation, food and other costs payable to 3rd parties (such as course fees) during trips.
To join HJCC you must have either a BCU 1-Star or a Paddlepower "Passport" qualification or equivalent experience.
To be a member you must be physically fit enough to participate in this activity and able to swim 50 metres in light clothing.
Want to be kept alerted on club activities?
We have found it impossible to keep track of everyone's changing e-mail addresses. Thus we now have an automatic e-mail subscription service which you can subscribe and un-subscribe from yourself.
If you are joining the club for the first time do not forget to subscribe to the e-mail service here.
Want to try it out?
Due to Covid-19 we are not able to offer our normal "try it out" sessions, but if you have the relevant experience and want to get involved then please contact us..
  Click to send e-mail HJCC Secretary Neil Wade
  Hillingdon Junior Canoe Club
2020 Membership Form
  Note: This is a fillable-form, please complete the form on your computer then save and e-mail (we keep these securely on-line in case of emergency).
You can either:
  • Print, attach a photo and sign, and then give it to us with a cheque in the normal way.
  • Save the form and send form and photo by email with a bank transfer for the fees to:

To read these files you need Adobe Acrobat, to get your free copy download it from here.