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2021/22 Winter Program
All dates & events subject to change
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Winter Pool Sessions (Saturdays)
We do not bring boats to the pool - you do!. So you need to bring everything you need (either your own or borrowed from the club), or be absolutly sure someone is bringing equipment for you; otherwise you will turn up and be disappointed!
We also have space for a maximum of 24 people in kayaks at any point.
Please note: helmets are mandatory for all paddlers in the pool.
Please arrive by 5.45pm to ensure you have paid and are changed and ready to enter the pool at 6pm.
COVID-19 Precautions
  • Due to the close proximity of participants/coaches and the indoor setting, all participants must agree to take (and pass) a lateral flow test prior to attending.
Kayaks, spray-decks, paddles and helmets
  • We are expecting all attendees to turn up to pool sessions with their own kayak, paddle, spray desk and helmet, and take them away afterwards.
Cleaning your kayak
  • Before the kayak's first trip to the pool; please remove air-bags and foot-blocks and get out the disinfectant and a pressure sprayer and/or scrubbing brush and/or hose to ensure your boat is clean; both inside and out.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment you bring is scrupulously clean, and does not jeopardise our usage of the pool by depositing any mud / dirt / leaves in the pool.
  • We reserve the right not to let you paddle if your equipment is not clean enough!
Borrowing equipment
  • Members who do not have equipment may sign-out club equipment for the winter. If borrowed, equipment must not be stored outside during the winter.
  • Boats, especially our small Stars, are in short supply, and we will re-allocate club equipment at pool session, where necessary, to ensure the optimal pairing of paddlers with kayaks.
  • Please remember that club equipment can be used off-site for club run events only - any exceptions to this must be approved by a club coach or club official - use of equipment outside of a club event is not covered by the clubs insurance and thus not permitted.
  • Pool sessions will be communicated via the HJCC e-mail list-server.
  • Due to COVID all pool session attendees will be classified as non-members and will need to complete a winter pool form the first time they attend a pool session.
  • As no one has paid club membership fees then all attendees will be charged at the non-member rate - note that we have held the rates at the 2019 rate!
Capability & Experience of Visitors
  • This is an "upside down" session for learning to roll, improving your roll and practising your off-balance strokes.
  • It is expected that all people attending the pool session will already be happy with wearing a spray-deck and with capsizing! This means you are probably paddling with or at a Two-Star level.
  • For those who are not at that level, but are keen to paddle with us next summer please talk to us. We plan to prioritise the March and April pool sessions to teach capsizing with a spray deck, Eskimo rescues, and general safely drills aimed at less experienced visitors prior to them joining us for regular outdoor sessions at HOAC starting in May.
  • If you have and queries you are welcome to turn up and have a chat, and view a "normal" session from the pools viewing gallery so you can get a feel for what happens.

Dates & Location
27th Nov Event expired
22nd Jan Event expired
12th Feb Event expired
12th Mar Book here on Eventbrite
Chalfont Leisure Centre Pool
Nicol Road, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks. SL9 9LR
: 5.45pm, Finish: 8.00pm
Training / constructive 6.00pm to 6.45pm
Free time 6.45pm to 8.00pm
Cost:See below
*** Please bring the correct change ***

Note: 20p coin needed for lockers (non refundable)
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All attendees:
You must complete the form (just once for all Winter Pool sessions) below so we know who you are, and how to contact you / your parents in case of an emergency.

No form no paddling!!
Person Cost
All attendees £15
2nd family member £10
subsequent family members £5
Coaches / Support (non-paddling Adults) No charge

What to bring:
A costume, and if you have one a t-shirt, preferably not cotton, so a nylon t-shirt, or even better a rash vest.
A kayak (make sure it's clean), paddle, spray deck, helmet, and optional nose-clip.
If you do not have a kayak, we can loan a boat, paddles, spray-decks and helmet for you to bring (we do not use buoyancy aids in the pool).

Under 11's in the pool:
11 years old is technically the minimum club age however we are very keen to encourage those under 11 to participate.
The coaches have reviewed the risks involved and we feel that we were not able to provide the level of supervision a younger child may require - especially if they have a spray desk on.
Younger children also require a lot more basic encouragement (and thus time) than we are able to give them with the amount of young people we often have in the pool.
This is a safety issue
We would therefore ask those with younger children, and definitely those under 11, to have a parent standing in the pool with them to ensure that a higher level of supervision is maintained for those children during the whole pool session.
If you are in any doubt, please ask.
We reserve the right to restrict any attendees.

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