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2017 Programme
This a provisional program the will develop as the season starts and will change.
You should always check with the activity leaders that it is still happening - especially prior to travelling long distances!
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HOAC Canoe Tuesday / Thursday
This is a HOAC run session
There is no guarantee that shed will be unlocked.
However we will be supporting Tuesday sessions as part of joint training with GLMW Scouts; so expect there to be HJCC coaches around most Tuesdays and thus the green shed unlocked.

All dates & events subject to change
2.30pm HOAC sessions run until 4.30pm
May 2017
Mon 1st 11.30am HOAC Family Day & Come and meet HJCC and casual paddling
Tue 2nd 6.00pm HOAC Canoe Tuesday Starts
(Not an HJCC event)
Sat 6th 2.30pm First HOAC Session - Kayaks
Sat 13th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 20tht 2.30pm TBC
Sat 27th   No Club - Bank Holiday
June 2017
Sat 3rd 2.30pm TBC
Sat 10th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 17th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 24th 2.30pm TBC
July 2017
Sat 1st 2.30pm TBC
Sat 8th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 15th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 22nd 2.30pm TBC
Sat 29th 2.30pm TBC
August 2017
Sat 5th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 12th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 19th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 27th   No Club - Bank Holiday
September 2017
Sat 2nd 2.30pm TBC
Sat 9th 2.30pm TBC
Sat 16th 2.30pm TBC

Other Relevant Dates

2017-18 Pool Dates
Sat 6.00pm-8.00pm TBC October 2017
Sat 6.00pm-8.00pm TBC November 2017
Sat 6.00pm-8.00pm TBC December 2017
Sat 6.00pm-8.00pm TBC January 2018
Sat 6.00pm-8.00pm TBC February 2018
Sat 6.00pm-8.00pm TBC March 2018
Sat 6.00pm-8.00pm TBC April 2018

Using Club boats:
Only club members may use club boats until the insurance situation has been clarified.
Club boats may not be used for private use at HOAC outside of club sessions, Canoe Tuesday & Canoe Thursday unless supervised by an HJCC (Adult) Club Coach.
Storing private boats:
Private boats held in the club compound must be approved. However HJCC cannot be responsible for them and any boats are likely to be borrowed for general club use.

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