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Frequently Asked Questions
We work in conjunction with Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre (HOAC) and are based at their site. HOAC runs introductions to all paddle-sports, as well as the basic British Canoeing awards for beginners.
HJCC is here to progress young people beyond the basic beginners awards and introduce them to a wide range of paddle-sport disciplines and types of water; up to and including competing at national level.

This is an evolving list of some of the
most common questions we get asked.
What experience or qualifications do I need to join HJCC?
We expect a minimum standard of a British Canoeing (BC) One-Star or a BC "Discovery" award. Probably you will hold a BC Two-Star or "Passport" award or at least be paddling at that level. We expect that you will already be happy paddling with a spray deck on, and be able to capsize safely with a spray deck on.
What if don't have a BC One-Star or "Discovery"?
Then HOAC have a wide range of introductory courses for you to learn, as well as their "Paddlesport Tuesday" & "Paddlesport Thursday" sessions if you just want to "mess around" in a canoe or kayak on a summer's evening.
We tried canoeing on holiday and want to do more
It depends on the level you did it to! If you want to get your basic qualifications speak to HOAC, and if you are already paddling at a BC two-star level, are happy paddling with a spray deck on, and can capsize safely with a spray deck on, then speak to us. But have a chat and we can provide guidance on the best way to progress your / your families canoeing.
Do you run taster sessions?
We don't, but we are affiliated to Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre (HOAC) and are based at their site, and they do! You can contact them via their web site at www.hoac.net
Do you run courses?
Not exactly; we coach paddling as part of a structured session plan (see our programme) and then run & organise assessments. We also provide guidance on how you can progress in whatever paddlesport discipline you want to participate in. However we do not run public courses. If what you want is a basic introduction to canoeing or kayaking then HOAC are the people to speak to.
Can I just turn up on a Saturday?
Yes and No! First check we are going to be at HOAC on a Saturday (see our program on this web site), and drop us an e-mail so we can brief whoever is leading the session. We offer a couple of free sessions before we expect you to sign up and pay any money to us, however you will need to pay a day membership fee to HOAC if you are not a HOAC member.
I'm coming for my first session, what should I wear?
If you have no kayaking kit already then bring a man-made top (or two), shorts and swimming trunks as well as water shoes. Nylon track-suit trousers are fine, but not cotton; as a rule - do not wear any cotton on the water. Expect it all to get wet so bring a towel and change of clothes. We will provide a kayaking cagoule, buoyancy aid and spray-deck
Do you offer a discount for the family?
Yes, see our membership page. We offer a substantial discount for each additional family member.
Do you offer a discount part way through the year?
As a rule no, we use your membership to mainly subsidise the trips and winter pool sessions which are all towards the end of the summer program.
So I meet the minimum qualifications, how do I join?
Talk to us first; about what we do, and what you want to get out of membership. We offer a couple of free sessions before we expect you to sign up and pay any money to us. Do not simply put a membership form and payment in the post expecting to then turn up!
I'm under 26 and have a 3-Star, what is there for me?
If you already have a 3-Star, have your own equipment, and BC/CE Membership then you can join as an "External Member" at a reduced rate, join us on all club trips and all the pool sessions.
I haven't paddled before; can I have a go?
HOAC has a great range of ways to try out paddlesports, speak directly to them.
Can parents paddle as well?
Yes, we have a membership category for "Paddling Parents" and have a number of parents, both ex-paddlers and new paddlers who are members.
I'm over 18, can I still join?
Yes, although we are a "junior" club, we use the definition of "young person" as anyone up to the age of 25.
How do I stay up-to-date with club information?
We run a mailing list server, simply visit our Mailing list page for more details on how to subscribe (and also unsubscribe). This list is only for club information, so no SPAM; and you do not have to be a HJCC member to subscribe.
Can I join you on one of your trips?
As a rule, no! Our trips (and our insurance) are for our members, though we do run joint trips with other groups and occasionally invite ex-HJCC members whose paddling capability we know to come with us.
I'm training to be a Kayak coach, can I help out?
Of course! If you are wanting to take a BC Level-One Coach we expect you to be a member and under 26. If you have started your UKCC Level-Two Coaching Award and need coaching practice that has to be signed off then we have a number of Level-Three and Level-Four coaches who can do this.
How old do I need to be?
We take young people between the ages of 10 and 25 years who want to participate in paddlesport, and have taken children younger dependant on their experience and aptitude (especially if they have a paddling parent or an older sibling). We are primarily aimed at a core age between 12 and 18 years and the coaching we provide and the trips we run are aimed at that age and ability.
Can you sign off Duke of Edinburgh Awards?
Yes, we regularly sign off DofE "Skills" for our members, and will also help members train if they want to do Canoeing or Kayaking as part of their Expedition.